"My time to shine"

Private commission 2021

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"Look Up"

Some of my thoughts on the creation of this painting are going to get a bit weird, but here we go:

My paintings usually come from ideas that sit at the back of my brain. I often notice how infrequently I look up to the sky. In fact my viewpoint is always facing either forward towards where I am walking, or down at what I am focusing on, such as a phone, screen or book.

But by just tilting my head slightly back, things get put into perspective.

Things like:

  • I live on a planet flying through space and time.

  • This world doesn't revolve around me.

  • I am very small compared to the hugeness of the universe.

And every time I let myself become aware of the spiritual world, it's expansiveness, power and colour, I also get similar feelings, but I also feel blessed to be so intrinsically connected to those spiritual heavens that surround us.

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"Not fast enough" for World Ocean Day 2021

It's a sad thing to think about, but polar bears are probably not going to be around too much longer. We may be trying to change the way we live to have less impact on the natural and wild environment we rely on so much, but we just aren't changing fast enough.

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I pictured this painting during a dark time in my live. I was under a cloud of oppressive feelings as while walking down to the train station, I thought of Depression is an immense weight, a heaviness that can't be easily shaken off, muffling the rest of the world. It affects so many of us.

My motivation for this painting is believing this: we human beings can find hope in community, in faith, in life, in facing our internal battles together and bringing our darkness to the light where it is laid bare and unarmed.

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Psalm 35

A personal painting based on experiences during the Level 4 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, where we were locked at home in small groups (bubbles). Thoughts from the time of creation:

It's been a challenging five weeks of Level 4 lockdown here in New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand for our little family, and for myself personally. I feel unusually low on energy, just coping, yet physically I have done so little. While I have been working harder than I have ever done for my fulltime job (graphic design), and probably doing the best work I have ever done in that area, I have in the same way been feeling a little distant from those around me. What seems to hold my mind is often bad news, and worry.

But. But If I stop, if I look, if I let myself be washed by his presence, I find it easier to zoom out. To be thankful. To see I can never be self-sufficient, and I was never made to be.

To know that its God's joy, his delight, to provide for us all that we (really) need. "The Lord be exalted, who delights in the well-being of his servant.” Psalm 35:27

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Stay Protected


This painting was developed from an original ink drawing. It came out of a sketch from a sketchbook of mine, and I had thought of developing the composition in a kind of comic style as I had done for other pieces in the past, and ending up with a relatively flat drawing. However as the colouring and value stage began I began to realise that the elements and lighting deserved a more realistic / painterly treatment.

It was a very challenging piece for me to complete, and I would say I definitely learned a lot about digital painting and lighting. I wanted to bring unity to the piece though colour. IN retrospect I would have developed the piece with an undertone first, to make the process easier to bring to the finish line, with colour unity.

The characters are cartoony and the perspective quite warped. I plan to develop this painterly cartoon style, and have a few influences for what I enjoy looking at myself, from artists such as Dice Tsutsumi, Ryan Lang, and Alexandre Diboine who I admire a lot.

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