Jesus: The Temptations Graphic Novel

I'm excited to share this project with you. Jesus: The Temptations graphic novel is a huge milestone for me, both in my creative career and in my personal life.

The script is 45+ comic pages long, and is being edited by a small team. I have illustrated (written penciled, inks, coloured) 5 pages which you can preview in part here.

In short Jesus: The Temptations Graphic Novel is about Jesus's temptations by the Devil in the Wilderness, as described in the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. I want to explore the process of spiritual conflict, the themes of Jesus's struggle with the Devil, and his journey of transformation in the most challenging situation - namely being tempted and attacked by the armies of Satan.

The comic is going to go through a crowd funding campaign, and I would love to keep you up to date! Please fill in the form below to sign up to my newsletter mailing list, where I will keep you 100% up to date on the creative process of creating this comic.

You can read the pages I have finished so far for free!